Tools of The Trade

Every manicurist needs clean, efficient tools to work with. Nail art design tools and a nice set of manicure and pedicure tools are essential and maybe some quality acrylic nail tools. If you choose good quality you will be rewarded with tools that can be cleaned easily and will last. Stainless steel manicure and pedicure tools are an excellent choice of material since they are resistant to staining and rust. Alcohol and sterilizing solutions as well as soap and water perform well with stainless steel implements. A well stocked set of nail art design tools consists of nice design brushes that can be cleaned without the bristles falling out and include metal nail design implements.

How to Care For Your Tools

In between manicures or pedicures be sure to sterilize your nail tools and implements to prevent the development of germs or fungus. Sharing your personal tools, manicures or design tools, is not recommended. The prices of some really nice sets is usually very reasonable. Check out the ones mentioned in this article and save some big bucks! You can’t beat soap and warm water for a really good scrub that renders your tools clean and sterile, ready for your next mani-pedi. Alcohol on a cotton pad can be used to wipe the tools after cleaning and before use to ensure the tools are sterile.

Most of these tools for manicurists will come in a nice closeable pouch or roll-up kit. This is a neat way to store your tools so they do not get damaged or lost. Most of the brushes and dotting tools are small and can slip out of the kits easily.

What Comes in A Good Nail Art Design Kit?

Nail design tools imageA sufficient nail design kit will come with several brushes that can perform different designs, and will come with dotting tools usually acrylic for smooth designing. The one we have featured here comes with fan brushes for drawing multiple lines all at once and can pick up several colors for a gradient effect. It is much like using the “one-stroke” painting techniques introduced years ago. You will find most nail artists use acrylic paints in their designs along with the nail polishes. Acrylic paints are duller but are easier to work with when creating “paintings” on the nails with greater detail.

This angled head brush looks to be really easy to use to carve out designs in laid down polish. A good pattern brush will assist in drawing fine lines and when working with acrylics in your creations. Liner brushes are essential for finer details, patterns and floral designs. It is so much easier to use a liner brush to draw lines than the wide, blunt cut brushes that are in most polishes.

When attempting to give yourself a manicure, pedicure, or design on your nails choose good quality tools and implements to make the job easier.

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